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Me. :)) Eesh, I'm so bad at replying ASAP to things, so if you see a couple of short messages in your inbox, that might be me responding with micro-squees, hahaha.

In terms of what's been up:


• I finally invested in a WACOM Cintiq 13 HD! I am still doing my best not to freak out over "OMG HOW DARE SPEND LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY ON EQUIPMENT THAT WILL MAKE THINGS EASIER!!!" but so far using it has been a dream. It's also not too cramped as I feared it would be like my Yiynova DP10U! I might sell the latter, still thinking about whether to sell my old Intuos4 tablet, too. I could probably do international shipping too, but I'd have to look into shipping fees. :o

Couldn't have afforded it (or had the healthy brainz to convince myself to get it w/o irrational financial guilt) without everybody's support, either! So, again, thank you so so so so so SO much for helping me get to this point. ♥

• I've set a healthier freelancing balance to work on MWFs for 8 hours a day, so I can set aside TTH for thesis times. I hope this works out better than my 'original' schedule of MWF for school and TTH for freelance. :o I'm currently on my self-appointed lunch and funtimez break before doing my last four hours for freelance, and I think I've been really productive today so far. :D

On the plus side, I've been behaved and haven't claimed much new regular work, huzzah. As tempting as it really, really is for workaholics like me. I have... two regular clients, and I take on one extra short-term project if I feel like I'm up to it (usually art), and that's it. Let's see if I can keep this up. :o

• what is thesis. what is MA. Kidding aside, I hope to really REALLY pick up the pace on my research and annotated bibliography tomorrow. Merp. I really dropped the ball on this having worked more on freelancing and making sure I have enough to pay the bills each month. D: (Financial guilt, stop being on overdrive.)

• I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII on and off. We recently bought Beyond: Two Souls, too, and Aiken bought a PS3 port of Persona 4. I'm trying to be just as behaved with regards to buying too many games without finishing them, ahahaha.

• We finished Erased (Bokudake) a few weeks back, and my partner's getting me started on Sword Art Online, which he only started this week, too. It's.... interesting, I suppose, but I'm really frustrated by all the unnecessary fanservice, and too much stuff doesn't make logical sense, but, eh. Makes me want to rewatch .hack//SIGN and see if it's still as good as I remember it from my teen years, hahaha.

• I also watched a few episodes of the PPG reboot with my boyfriend and oh boy maybe it's a generation thing but I found it so, so bland. :( I've been meaning to write an analysis comparing the original to the reboot, and what I think are the pros and cons of both. I admit it may be nostalgia talking but I feel like the original had a lot more to bring to the table. Can't be certain unless I do a full rewatch of the whole seasons from both versions, hahaha.

• Help, I can't stop squishing my adorable pink seal plushie. I have given it several nicknames including "Strawberrybb" and "Tempura." It's so destressing just to look at it, I almost wish it were an actual living pet, ahahaha. I've missed letting little things that seem like luxuries, such as plushies, bring a little more fun and light into my life, hahaha.
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Image under the cut! )


As you might be able to tell, I am trying to make it a habit to make more public posts to dreamwidth, as I quite miss being involved here in some way or another. *_* I've been kicked in the butt multiple times by freelance work so far, and I am exhausted, but I promised myself I'd pamper myself today and tomorrow before I go back into the full swing of it. Overall it's been all good and I think I didn't do too bad for my first foray back into the writing business on my own. :D


There was a flash fiction contest I tried to join but then at the last minute, I decided against it, because it was so... vague. Even if it was two corporations that were both legit, all the photo said was, "submit your story to [email] and get a chance to win [x] prizes and get published in [x]!" Not even a link to a post with mechanics, or what happens to your rights after you submit... and they didn't make one, despite tons of people asking in the comments (though they did respond, it seems). I err on the side of caution that if they don't take the effort to make a page compiling their rules and copyright stance, I'll just... not risk it?

On the bright side, I have about 150 words of a seedlet for a possible new short story... about two girls who have run away... I don't know if I can pull off what I want to do with it. Maybe I can even use this for my thesis...?

So many workshops and anthologies I want to join, but one at a time, self. You've just started getting this freelance working thing down again (albeit you kind of overdid it, ahaha, tho some of that was no fault of your own)... it takes time to master something. :)


I still need to fix my schedule for schoolwork... I definitely did not do well on that. But, progress!

How are you all? :)
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I'm not actually sure where to start o_o I've been so quiet on here.

• I'm now regularized at work!!! If I keep it up (or work even better?) I could be up for possible promotion, so - gotta keep working hard!!!

• Aiken and I did an intense cleaning of the condo yesterday. Bathroom's spic and span! I gotta put all my stuff back though but we're going to go buy some decent containers/drawers to keep things organized.

• My mother gifted me a huge 50" smart TV as a super belated birthday present, what!!! ;___; Aiken and I have been watching Steven Universe, movies, and the occasional old saved YouTube Let's Plays on it and we're loving it. I need to get an audio cable for my Macbook Pro, since it's old and isn't HDMI-compatible, but, what! Aaah! I can't wait to hook it up and play PSX-quality games on an emulator, hahaha.

• I am trying not to stress out over the increasing amount of junk at family!house because I don't live there (err, here - I'm staying here for the weekend) anymore and it's not my problem anymore because dangit I tried.

• I've been studying Spanish on-and-off using Michel Tomas audiobooks and Duolingo. I finished all the items in the Duolingo course and the Michel Tomas basic and advanced CDs, wahhh!! Tomorrow I'll drop by my university to enroll for the Language Evaluation Exam that's required for me to move on to thesis and oh gosh I am so nervous what if I fail I've already been in residency status for almost a year I wanna graduate with my MA already I have until 2017 to graduate without getting penalty courses AAAAH!!

• Attempting to finish off Icon Day 06 today waugh!!!

• Depression and anxiety is still awful but I've been having a lot less horrible times with it since I moved out. thank goodness.

• I need to stock up on first aid medicines.

• Also need to stock up on home DIY cleaning solutions.

• I really love buying stuff for the condo. We finally got that cloth thing with pockets for mail for the fridge.

• I wish we had space for a laundry machine.

• Now I'm just listing random things in bullets.

• I'm going to bleach-shampoo my hair this week because I want my pink hair already gosh darn it.

• I really like the new beep tap cards and they work across all the train stations now and that fills me with glee and I love that I can reload them at a machine w/o having to talk to a cashier. TECHNOLOGY. (Mostly I love how it won't expire until four years later. Yessss.)


• I should get back to work now.
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Annnnd I started my shift one hour ago, hahaha. Kinda feels like freelance, except this time sharing an office with people annnnd it's not your house...

Rgghhh, I wish I hadn't thought to leave my Icon Day works in progress at the Family!House (I decided to, because I had more space for art materials there); I wasn't able to get home because it was also raining badly all weekend, and I could've done them while waiting around the office hoping for the floods to subside, but ohwell. :(

I'm probably going to do the icons in a tiny sketchbook or something next time if I were to go traditional again, haha. Something I can always bring around with me, so I can do it whenever. And probably with a more portable medium like portable watercolors maybe? Markers aren't easy to carry around if you use buttloads of them for shading T_T I might go digital with the other icons if I still can't get home, just so I can finish them off.


I am so so sorry for taking forever with them. T_T I have 10 or so to gooo...
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Hello everybody! I'm now all moved out (well, sort of - I still have to go get some things over the weekend) and got a new job at a new place near my new place! My first day is tomorrow and I'm really nervous and excited and I hope I do a great job!

Thank you so much to everyone for all your help getting me to a better place. I never could have done this without all of your support.

Icon Day updates will resume once I get my art supplies moved to the new place too.
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Buenos dias! Como esta?

Spanish Lessons
It's been a while since I made a post like this. So: yes, I have returned to studying Spanish for my language exam requirement in order to take thesis for my Master's Degree in Creative Writing. Woe. On one hand, I wish I could be done sooner. On the other hand, after 2.5 years of taking classes (and the last semester being bundled up with day job + freelance work), I do appreciate the breather.

I still have to figure out accents, and upside-down question marks, but, yes! Duolingo + Michel Tomas is my current method, the latter listened to via audio lessons during my work commutes.

Not Overworking
I am still trying to figure out how to Not Overload on Work Like a Healthy Person, but I think I am doing pretty okay at it. I've been trying to fix my sleep schedule... I haven't exactly been succeeding in the way I envisioned, but I'm getting there. My struggle is fighting off the sleepiness once I am at the office. My target is to go to bed before 12pm (10pm ideally), and wake up at 6am (5pm ideally). I've been managing with waking up at 6:30am-7:30am... which is a lot better than waking up at 8:30am-9:30am. (Meep.)

I still have backlogs to get to (*weeps slowly*) but I am doing my best. ;_; This is still something I desperately need to work on, turnaround times.

I've been turning down new work (as much as it pains my workaholic heart!) and I think the results are showing. I've been able to take more care with my daily hygiene and self-care rituals. I actually put on sunblock now! Which I should have done... seven years ago. Meep. I've even been putting on lotion after I shower. Normally I wouldn't, because it feels sticky due to the humid weather where I live, but the latest brand of lotion I'm trying doesn't feel so icky. And it smells like berries! Mmm. Berries.

Heck, I've been putting on light make-up too! I almost never do this anymore due to lack of energy or care. But it feels nice and I think I look nice and I love to feel like a magical girl in the morning. *grins* I even did my nails yesterday. Joy.

How about you?
How are you all? :)
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I sent out all the packages I owe using PhilPost's surface mail for the very first time!

... the lady told me it might take them 3-4 months to arrive!

*eyes widen*

Oops. I am sorry for the mistake :(((

I guess it is time I adjust for airmail, not surface mail rates. Still, *chews on my lip, hoping they arrive soon anyway, since some online accounts from others have said surface mail can arrive in 2-4 weeks too sometimes. Here is hoping!*
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For January 26... )

Sending off the fundraiser packages on Wednesday so that I will only have to take one trip to my university instead of two. c:

I have missed approximate three or more days of Drabble a Day and Doodle a Day now. I am bothered, but I am reminding myself I am doing more important (in terms of "make sure I do not lose my jobs, and also, that the utilities don't get cut") things in lieu of them. But I will still try tonight, doggone it. (It's why I've removed both from my todos - I think making it an obligation is draining me again. So it will be a 'hey, let's see if I can do this FOR FUN' thing instead of a 'I MUST do this' thing.)
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It took me around two hours to do what I thought would be super simple packaging (which they would probably be for people with lots of energy, but apparently I had barely any spoons left), and I think the bubble mailers I got are way too big for the tiny tiny things I am sending off (but I cannot for the life of me remember if I have ever run across a bubble mailer being sold locally that is only 4.5in x 3.5in; the bubble mailers I got are twice that big, ahahaha dangit)--

but what I am meant to announce is that I have packed up bracelets and art cards for [profile] okrablossoms, [personal profile] cesy, and [personal profile] nenya_kanadka~

I put the bracelets/ACEOs into plastic ziplocks/sleeves (and put the ACEOs in toploaders), put a tiny letter around them, then put THOSE in a baronial (?) envelope, then sandwiched them in two rigid pieces of corrugated board, then put ALL OF THAT into a bubble mailer. *whew* I could have gone the easy way and just... maybe... cut one piece of cardboard and stuffed it (somehow??) into the baronial envelope, but dangit, I want to be 100% assured that peeps get my stuff w/o fear of it being destroyed in transit. It is nice and rigid and secure.

I will probably have to figure out an easier system though, if I somehow make enough physical orders that I will have to be shipping and mailing tons of stuff for a living ._.

I unfortunately took longer than expected on errands this week (including some tax stuff, picking up checks from a project, and I got squashed and elbowed and tsk'd at and cussed out by rude lady passengers, and also stop cutting in LINE, people---currently must work on graphs for another project, and also, proofreading project, and also, buying medicine and toiletries and--)--- erm, so. I might send them off Monday. I have the option to handing them to somebody else to mail tomorrow, but I am not sure they would pick the right option (registered international surface mail, I think is what it was called).

Also I just found out that the post office near my current place of residence? Which I could have gone to, walking distance? It's apparently either closed up or gone. So I will have to go to the post office in the university I study at. Which is an hour away. *frowns* I did not expec tthis.

(Bright side, once I've moved out, our new place of residence is walkable to the post office there, so in case I manage to actually get some of my online shops up and sell more of my art and crafts to people to ship out... yay?)
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Updated throughout day as needed. Not even sure I'm doing this right ha ha ha *sweats*

Todo )

Tada )
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Thought I should get back into the habit of doing this. Will be updated as much as needed.

Todo. )

Tada. )
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Delivery of Owed Pre-Made Items

Sorry for taking this long to send them out! Estimated time I will be able to drop by the post office and send off all the ACEOs and bracelets I owe people is no later than Friday this week. I'll keep you all posted!

Meanwhile, I am thinking thinky thoughts of how to raise more funds once we're all moved in by the end of April, but without burning myself out. Hm. I am still v. happy for the amount we managed to raise- thank you so so much for helping us get there. It should help out a lot especially if my partner and I will be sharing expenses.

First things first: finish what I owe people, Icon Day 06 and outstanding commissions! Also, dropped projects that weren't paying enough, or were bringing me too much stress and anxiety to the point of deteriorating my health (in all aspects). Yes.
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I've punched all the numbers possible for moving out near work, and the income I make vs. how much it would cost is just too astronomically big a difference. It won't work, even with a roommate.

Bright side: my boyfriend and I are moving in together by April! )
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Latest donations added to the Moving Out Fundraiser total...

Yay. :D

Content warning: financial anxiety, search for living space...?

Apartment hunting has been... difficult. )


Work updates and worries... )


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!