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I gots me a haircut.

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It's been... a quiet whirlwind, is what I'll call it. Still waiting on papers from the Bureau of Immigration, hopefully it makes it in time for my Japan trip. We got good discount deals on the plane tickets, so... fingers crossed.

I've come to accept that I won't be able to push myself so hard that I'll graduate this semester. But I'm going to at least work hard to get my revisions done so I can make it to proposal defense.

I feel like I had more to say but apart from trying to keep my house from falling apart (pest control! keeping the kitchen sink clear and clean! chores! errands! budgeting!), that's about it.
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Content notes: decluttering, mention of expired food (sob)

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• I've just registered for the Spanish Language Evaluation Exam, aaah! I was lucky enough to bump into my friend and classmate Bianca, and she kindly offered to handle the payment on my behalf since she has classes every Tuesday and I would have to take a 3 hour 2-way commute AGAIN just to pay, so, YAY!

Also, now I am terrified because I hope my Spanish is good enough, and also I have no idea what the questions will be like. Back then they said it was easy, but my friend took the exam from last semester and said the questions were like...

"What are the characteristics of the dystopian lit genre?"
"Why do they not have free will in the novel?"
And her personal fave, "Do you agree with this literary critic when he says that dystopian lit is our collective social nightmare?"

*gulps because I can get by on Spanish, but admit after a year+ of trying to balance with work (plus my undergraduate background being fine arts), my literature's a bit rusty!*

• I need to go to the bank this week to settle some weird stuff going on with my account, waughhhh.

• I finished coloring the last 4 icons for Icon Day 06! I have one more digital painting incentive I'm waiting for deets on (gonna follow up on it again today) but I think I can at least share the icons after I've scanned them in and touched them up on the computer... hopefully within the week as well.

• The (very cheap, at least) 3.5mm jack to RCA cable I bought to hopefully route audio from my mid-2009 Macbook Pro to our Skyworth smart TV isn't working :( Waughhhh.

• "Wauuuugh" has been my default noise of distress lately.

• I wonder what would have happened if I had focused on finishing off my MA by taking on five million classes and finishing within 2-3 years by not taking on a full-time job rather than the "oh no now I'm on my 4th year and just about to try to start thesis", but... being able to earn my own income and not have to depend on parentals is really satisfying. :(

• Why isn't there enough time in a day I want to register for a bunch of online courses!!!

• Maybe I should start blogging in general on (and transfer the Sunshine Girl blog there?) so I can start building up content for it besides it being a portfolio site?

• I'm still eternally grateful to everyone for helping me get where I am now. I've been trying to pay it forward by pledging baby amounts to my friend's Patreons and pitching in to tiny fundraisers. I wish I could give more but I'm sure I can be at that level if I keep working hard. :)

• I missed dumping random miscellany streams-of-thought here. Hi how have you all been?

• Back to work now. Might infodump again later. Oh, gosh, so much I want to talk about!
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I'm not actually sure where to start o_o I've been so quiet on here.

• I'm now regularized at work!!! If I keep it up (or work even better?) I could be up for possible promotion, so - gotta keep working hard!!!

• Aiken and I did an intense cleaning of the condo yesterday. Bathroom's spic and span! I gotta put all my stuff back though but we're going to go buy some decent containers/drawers to keep things organized.

• My mother gifted me a huge 50" smart TV as a super belated birthday present, what!!! ;___; Aiken and I have been watching Steven Universe, movies, and the occasional old saved YouTube Let's Plays on it and we're loving it. I need to get an audio cable for my Macbook Pro, since it's old and isn't HDMI-compatible, but, what! Aaah! I can't wait to hook it up and play PSX-quality games on an emulator, hahaha.

• I am trying not to stress out over the increasing amount of junk at family!house because I don't live there (err, here - I'm staying here for the weekend) anymore and it's not my problem anymore because dangit I tried.

• I've been studying Spanish on-and-off using Michel Tomas audiobooks and Duolingo. I finished all the items in the Duolingo course and the Michel Tomas basic and advanced CDs, wahhh!! Tomorrow I'll drop by my university to enroll for the Language Evaluation Exam that's required for me to move on to thesis and oh gosh I am so nervous what if I fail I've already been in residency status for almost a year I wanna graduate with my MA already I have until 2017 to graduate without getting penalty courses AAAAH!!

• Attempting to finish off Icon Day 06 today waugh!!!

• Depression and anxiety is still awful but I've been having a lot less horrible times with it since I moved out. thank goodness.

• I need to stock up on first aid medicines.

• Also need to stock up on home DIY cleaning solutions.

• I really love buying stuff for the condo. We finally got that cloth thing with pockets for mail for the fridge.

• I wish we had space for a laundry machine.

• Now I'm just listing random things in bullets.

• I'm going to bleach-shampoo my hair this week because I want my pink hair already gosh darn it.

• I really like the new beep tap cards and they work across all the train stations now and that fills me with glee and I love that I can reload them at a machine w/o having to talk to a cashier. TECHNOLOGY. (Mostly I love how it won't expire until four years later. Yessss.)


• I should get back to work now.
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No real reason... just thought it would be nice to post more photos of me in my habitats. Hehe.

The status of the Mellama: I have been quite stressed, but not as stressed as the past few months have been. I think I'm still doing quite a lot of work (including grad school), though still wishing I had more time for personal stuff. But one must pay the bills! And earn money for moving-out plans next year.

Dropping a class and some overworking, underpaying projects has really helped with my health. I have still been coughing here and there so I don't know how long until it totally goes away, but I am doing my best.

How are you all today? Let's sit down and chat. :)
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Hello wonderful beings of earth! Updates from the Mellama's end include:

• Landing a second part-time job as an online freelance writer! It has been kicking my butt in a good way. Look, ma! Both hands and feet! *multi-tasks to the extreme*

• As a result, I am again adjusting how I go about squeezing in art commissions and personal projects with a more rigorous work schedule. Apologies for the wait! (I can do this, I can do this!)

• Local viewers: I have a live TV interview for the morning magazine show "Pambansang Almusal" (Morning Breakfast) on the channel Net 25 anywhere from 6am to 8am! I will be talking about my venture, PaperCanvas: Personalized Hand-Painted Notebooks, on their "Usapang Business" segment. Please tune in if you can. I'll ask if I can get a recording of it for my international followers. :)

• If you missed it: I've been featured in the zine "Memory Insufficent" for my essay on Philippine representation in Ragnarok Online. Entitled "Fun in Port Malaya?", it explores how the game depicts this virtual imagining of a Philippines supposedly free from colonial rule, and how exactly power distorts depictions of minority cultures. Read this issue on Asian histories and games here.
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What is time to update every single social media/website/account ever?!

• Part time job at university press started two-ish weeks ago, very happy there!! All the yummy foodums!! All the wonderful peoples!! ALL THE BOOKS. ALL THE STACKS OF MANUSCRIPTS TO COPYEDIT. TO BE NITPICKY ABOUT. *squee!*

• Haaave a few commissions to catch up on!! Trying my best to adjust to having a job on top of commissions!! But I'm still open for them if you are willing to wait until I clear my queue, payment only required when it's your turn! Huzzah!!

(I've also got some promos going on - like Iron Artist commissions - and some more I'm still trying to finalize the mechanics of. Just ask!!

• Also trying really really hard to fix/work on/launch all these online stores/promo commissions for the summer/what have you!! I need to tweak my Patreon!! And rewards!! And stuff!!

• I actually started an everything and anything goes public blog!! And I have a Mind Museum post I was meaning to post since last week!! (How was I able to blog nearly daily in my college years?!)

• Please order notebooks from me!! I love to make them!! PaperCanvas: Personalized Hand-Painted Notebooks~!!

I also have some notebooks for sale on Etsy~ and I will be tweaking the shipping shortly because HOORAY I got my hands on Regular Registered Airmail rates so now that is a cheaper option. YAY.

• Preparing for ball-jointed doll convention in late August!! Possibly joining a kawaii-themed convention this September!! May get lucky and get into that handmade arts and crafts fair this October?! MAYBE!?

• Trying to find extra part time jobs is weird and hard and scary!!

• I want to do so much but I am only one Mellama!!

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• My grades for both of my classes are in, and I am shocked but happy at the outcome! Yes, even that subject that was boring beyond tears and that I thought I would almost flunk gave me a good grade. Hopefully, my next semester will be just as good, and hopefully I can grab more subjects that I can manage.

Aiken and I had a splendid anniversary dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Sushi-Ya. He calls it my special resto because that's where I spent my 20th birthday party, hee. I'm glad we were able to find time for each other on our special day. ♥

• Summer art teacher job has been pretty swell. I feel that I'm getting a lot of experience from it in lots of ways. Yes, after a hard day's work of preparing, teaching, and cleaning-up, I am often exhausted when I get home, but so far, I come home feeling happy and fulfilled. ♥

• I'm working on getting my portfolio/art site up and running, but it's been so long since I last wrangled websites. I'm kind of poking at it, trying to figure it all out again. Should be done anytime this year. c:

• Thinking of doing some fast promo commissions this weekend, like quick $5 chibis... or Powerpuff Girls-style characters... sketch portraits... silly cute simple animals drawn on my iPad... things like that. I'd open 3-5 slots and try to finish them in a weekend. It's to challenge myself to finish commissions faster, too. Would anyone be interested? :o
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• I am done with school for now! My last day (an exam and submission of my final manuscript) involved my waking up v. sick and commuting v. sick, so after dropping off the calling card I designed for my mother at the printshop, I had a nice lunch and got a haircut. Sparkly!

• I'm now an art teacher for the summer, and I'm really enjoying my job so far. :') I even like during the clerical and admin work. I love their advocacy and I would love to see this workshop thrive. (Also, the kids are adorable and talented and I want to scoop them all up and cuddle them lots.)

• At the very latest, I will launch my next Icon Day on April 15th. :) Please watch out for it!

• I've kind of fallen off the habit of my daily exercise and doodle routine this week or two (how often do I not feel well? the answer is often), but I'm determined to catch up and not give up.

• My boyfriend and I's third year anniversary is coming up on the 18th. I cannot wait to celebrate it~ ♥
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• I've scanned and uploaded my backlog for Doodle a Day! :D I actually missed a day due to passing out from exhaustion, but I'm not stopping now ('cause I'm having a good time!)

• I apologize for the very slow progress on Icon Day. I tried to work on it while listening to "Learn Spanish" audio lectures (because I need to take a language test eventually for my MA requirements), and, well... I ended up inking criminally slowly because I was distracted! Audio doesn't seem to detract from me if it doesn't ask me to repeat a word though :P

I think it was okay for when I was just practicing sketching hands from reference (will have to do that again to double check) so maybe I'm just not using it during the right task. Ideally I'd just sit still and listen all day, since I do work well as a single-task person, but if I could doodle while on the phone like my friends can, that'd make me pretty darn happy to multitask. :o

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