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I would like to do a quick poll, for those already supporting my work (thank you!), and those who have thought of doing so but have not yet. Cross-posted from my Patreon:

In the interests of making sure I can provide more of what tickles your fancy and brightens your day when you see your Patreon dash, I would like to ask a few questions, which I hope will help me better serve you:

1. When you pledged to this campaign, did you pledge for something specifically? For example, did you pledge because you enjoy my art posts and want to see more of them? Or did you pledge for my writing posts? Or was it the crafting posts that got your attention? Or are you pledging in general to support me for all of those things?

2. What would you like to see me post more of? (I know I have been terribly lacking in this aspect. In turn, I have been reworking my rewards and goals, and trying to come up with systems to make these easier to get to you!) Are there certain rewards you would like to see? Are there rewards you wanted to get but couldn't because of price points?

Thank you so much for your time :D I promise to take everything into account, so that this campaign will be better and brighter than ever <3

All the best,
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I managed to finish a thing this month, hooray! I will be scanning and posting the full artwork later today on my Patreon later today. :3
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Hi! I'm still around :D

Some fun stuff:

Sneak peek of new artwork for February, done in ballpoint pen and watercolors, posted 3 days early for patrons.

My first monthly creative zine, currently patron-exclusive! Available at the $10 reward level. :D

Currently I am trying to work on visual art again (as managing a team of writers is my current Day Hobby - yup, I'm going to use that term now to not feel too bogged down by work, dagnabbit, and also I should be working on my Creative Writing Master's Thesis :D;;;), but also delving into other media such as game-making. (Also yes I will still write stuff for myself when I can, but gahh, fingers falling off from ALL THE WORDS!)

My partner and I tried to make an RPG demo for My First Game Jam, called "Pabili Po!", which you can find screenshots and concept art for here.

Here's a screenshot, with a slipper I pixel-arted, using a sketch base by my partner:

We'd like to continue it slowly but surely, and we'll do it for the fun of it, but it definitely is a bonus for us if we can treat ourselves to drinks, snacks, and dinner, and maybe new art supplies while we're at it. :)

I am really enjoying making these behind-the-scenes posts, step-by-step posts (a couple are currently in progress, even for art I forgot to post to Patreon on time - I feel bad charging Patreons for work I did a month ago, and only forgot to scan in D:), and zines, and while I'm doing my best with what free time I have, I can afford to do more of them with your support! Or, at the very least, I won't have to be taking on freelance work when I could be giving you guys more bonus material instead. :)

Won't you consider supporting me via Patreon? :) Even a $1 goes a long way. Clickie the button to support! ♥

Thank you so much for your time, as always, dear friends. :D

P.S. For friends who would like to support but can't do so on a monthly basis, I've been considering if I can do a one-off kind of payment model. For example, maybe I can put together a sneak-peek package of the secret!art or step-by-step/behind-the-scenes posts I did, and allow people to purchase access to them on an ala carte basis. I'm considering doing it on a pay-what-you-can model instead of a fixed price, as well.

I just would like to know if my patrons wouldn't mind it - so I'm thinking maybe giving that kind of access after they've been patron-exclusive for at least 3 months? What do you all think?

* I really gotta make myself new Patreon and tip jar buttons...
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I am poking at my Patreon page to tweak it to be more of "hello, I am a tip jar in case you would like to buy me a cup of milk tea!" instead of my past situation of "help I am not making enough to support myself or my partner's living expenses"

I've decided to keep it around in case people want to support my work, but definitely I am in a much better place right now in terms of finances*, and so I am 100% a-okay with people redirecting finances to ppl who need it more right now, really! Even if jerkbrain says things to try and make me feel otherwise. Grrr, jerkbrain!

And I realized I will have to re-record my Patreon video in order to reflect the former rather than the latter. But I don't really know what to do or say in it!

Any suggestions? Do you want to see me draw? Write? Attempt to be funny? Record myself doing something silly outdoors with the boyfriend? Let me know!

*I just happen to be on a six-month probationary period, but hopefully things will be ironed out by then and I will become a permanent employee, hoorah. :D

* It is so hard to own a Patreon when I do five million different things. Which is supposedly what Patreon is good for! And I am still debating a per creation vs. per month basis. Any of you have experience with using either options?

Also, if you have been Patreon-ing me, and I owe you any rewards for the past... 3 months? (Eep!) Please do not hesitate to let me know and I will catch up with what I owe you!
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What it says on the tin! This is... probably my third or fourth, and hopefully, last major revamp for a while. I would appreciate any and all feedback on it, and if you think there is any room for improvement. I still keep trying to figure out how to best present myself and my campaign.

I am trying something new this time around, too: I am offering discounted work for Patron pledges AND offering additional patron-only discounts for other commissioned work!

What this means is, for example: if you pledged at the $20 level, you are getting $25 worth of work as well as discounts for any additional commissions you'd like me to do. The higher your pledge, the higher your discount! :D

If you are interested in that, hop on to my Patreon page and become my patron! 
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Support Mel G. Cabral on Patreon!

Hi everybody! I finally made a video for my Patreon crowdfunding campaign. I had a lot of fun making it! If you liked this video and would like to see me make more, please consider supporting me with a monthly tip, signal-boosting my work, or liking my work on my Patreon’s Creations page. It’s free, and will help boost my rankings in the discover/search results. Sweet!

Alternatively, you can also leave me a tip via PayPal or Gumroad.

Thank you so much for all of your support <3

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As I've mentioned before, I do happen to have a Patreon where you could tip me if you like my work. Every cent counts and it's helped me afford art supplies and equipment. Thank you!

But I'm a complete newbie when it comes to making nice crowdfunding hubs like this, and I'm sure my Patreon is A Mess. I could use your help to make it better and serve not just me but all of you better!

Under the cut: thoughts and wondering how to improve it. Very wordy, sorry! )

What are some cool things you think might make great prizes and milestones? What reward levels do you think would be fair to get them at for both me and my patrons? Let me know in the comments! I want to make this awesome for you too. ♥
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Hi everybody! I'm super excited to share my first foray into game criticism with you. Originally titled "Is It More Fun in Port Malaya?", this essay started as a final exercise for my Art Criticism class last year. Now, I'm honored to be part of the game history zine "Memory Insufficient," edited by Zoya Street and co-edited Krish Raghav.

In this essay, I talk about problematic aspects of the Philippine-inspired RO Map and why it's important to take them into account. We'll be examining the use of Philippine mythological creatures, religion, race, visual motifs, and even pop culture references like the Jejemon.

 photo memoryinsufficientcover_zps4ca84eee.jpg

Get your free digital copy of Memory Insufficent now!

If you liked this essay, please share it with your friends, and let me know what you think.

If you'd like to support me so I can make more essays like this, please consider leaving me a tip via PayPal tip jar, or becoming a monthly patron via Patreon.

You can also leave me a tip Gumroad.

Thank you so much ♥
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Good news: Patreon now accepts PayPal for pledges. If you'd like to help me get more of my art and writing out there, please consider supporting me through this platform ♥ My Patreon page is here.

The tip jar is also always open as well :D

Signal boosts are always a great help, too. Thank you so much for your time!
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Hello! Would anybody be interested in some simple digital chibi-style commissions? :D They'll go for the promo price of $15 $10 (as of December 20, 2013) each this month, for a limited time only~! That's below half of what I'd usually charge ; v ; They will be delivered to you as 800px max files at 72dpi.

I'm opening 15 slots~ turnaround time is anytime from now till March 2014 at the very latest, depending on workload.

Click for full view!

• Please keep your character designs/descriptions simple! if you have a complicated character, i reserve the right to simplify them. or, i can work on them for you at my regular rates if you want the extra detail.
• No background, but flat color/gradient requests are free c:
• In this case, I will take payment up front. I will not start w/o payment!
• One person can take more than one slot.

Reason for this sale: there is something very nice I would like to save up for as a long overdue Christmas gift for myself ; v ; ;;; I hope I make it in time!

Alternatively, I'm also taking art commissions at my usual rate here~ I also hand-paint personalized notebooks. I can even do jewelry commissions, some of the paper bead variety, and arts & crafts commissions, and graphic design (logos, calling cards, etc.) :3

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your time! ♥

(P.S. If you can't buy a commission but would like to throw a tip my way, you can do so via either my PayPal donation button or Patreon! Even a signal boost would go a long way. ♥)

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Woops! I started late, haha. I still have tons of days left over, if you'd like to ask a question. I'll probably be doing them out of order at this rate.
how are you liking Patreon? - [personal profile] finch
It's pretty good, but I haven't had much of the chance to play around with it because November was an emotionally stressful month for me. I did get some tips I otherwise would not have gotten though I've only got two Patrons so far. :) The layout is still a tiny bit confusing for me as a Creator, but I'm glad to hear that the Patron subscription process is easy.

Speaking of which, hello all! I am on Patreon and if you like my art/writing/jewellery/blog posts/etc., do consider supporting me there~ it's like giving me tips, but monthly, and only when I post content. c: ♥ I've been working on posting Patreon-exclusive content to give you more bonuses for tipping me through that service, so please consider subscribing, and please spread the word ♥
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My Patreon banner, with me drawn as a candy-inspired Pokemon trainer. "Thank you for your support!"
Support Mel G. Cabral creating Art, Writing, Blogs, Comics, Videos, Jewelry

Hey y'all I'm now on Patreon! Do take a peek and share with your friends~ <3 If you like my work and would like to support me, it's like tipping me, but monthly, and money is only taken from your account when I come out with new content! You can even set a monthly limit so your account won't cry. Sounds cool, right?
For friends who would like to support me outside of Patreon's payment methods (which I think are debit/credit cards and Paypal), just talk to me and we can work something out. <3
Thank you so much for your support!


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!