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u_u Does anybody have any advice for somebody who keeps crawling back into the bed covers every time they're done eating breakfast? The extra sleep I've been taking ranges from 1.5 hrs to 4 hrs. Today it was about 2 hours... granted, this has only been going on for the last three days, so maybe it's just a thing I'll get out of?

I'd really appreciate any advice I can get. I feel like it's due to just... not wanting to face the day, maybe being afraid of something--of submitting lackluster work? Which makes no sense because I've been doing just fine for months now. I feel like last week's political events may have had something to do with with my overall drop in feelings.

But yeah, I appreciate any advice I can get. I might try to make a list of 'Things to Look Forward To When I Get Up' tonight.
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It's one of Those Weeks and Days (TM), and I could use all the affirmative messages I can right now. :(

Thanks so much in advance.
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I think I've decided on what kind of Cintiq I want to get. (For now.)

The challenge now is to figure out how to earn and save up enough for it...

I have a few questions for y'all who like to order art:

* What type of art do you usually go for? Small art? Icons? Art cards? Full-sized illustrations? Sketches? Inks? Colors?
* What's your usual working budget when shopping for art?
* Do you prefer traditional media (to have it sent off to you) or digital media?

I might try some art deals/discounts sometime soon (yup, even stuff for commercial work?)... I'm setting up a goal of "save up as much as possible from day job and commission work and other means within 1 year to finally get yourself that equipment." I have some hard numbers, but I still need to punch them a few more times to see if my ambitious goal is feasible. @_@

I'm also looking at some of my old equipment that I don't really use anymore, and other second-hand stuff I can sell off to help toward my goal...

Also will be poking at my Patreon tonight and tomorrow. I'm thinking, maybe I'll use it for art for now (and maybe crafts?). Might set up a separate one for all my writing/site endeavors.. maybe. Still not 100% sure on that, but would still make marketing it a little easier than going "I'm kind of an all-around person" (great for making friends? kind of hard for getting specific business, at least for me D: Maybe if I had been coming out with books...)

*rolls around softly on the ground*

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@MelGCabral: Anyone in the US willing to help me grab a Nintendo eShop card? I can pay you back via PayPal :D My credit card doesn't work w/ the eShop :
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Hello! I just wanted to ask, for anybody who brought pre-made art or bracelets from me, if you were able to receive your packages? Do let me know...!
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I am poking at my Patreon page to tweak it to be more of "hello, I am a tip jar in case you would like to buy me a cup of milk tea!" instead of my past situation of "help I am not making enough to support myself or my partner's living expenses"

I've decided to keep it around in case people want to support my work, but definitely I am in a much better place right now in terms of finances*, and so I am 100% a-okay with people redirecting finances to ppl who need it more right now, really! Even if jerkbrain says things to try and make me feel otherwise. Grrr, jerkbrain!

And I realized I will have to re-record my Patreon video in order to reflect the former rather than the latter. But I don't really know what to do or say in it!

Any suggestions? Do you want to see me draw? Write? Attempt to be funny? Record myself doing something silly outdoors with the boyfriend? Let me know!

*I just happen to be on a six-month probationary period, but hopefully things will be ironed out by then and I will become a permanent employee, hoorah. :D

* It is so hard to own a Patreon when I do five million different things. Which is supposedly what Patreon is good for! And I am still debating a per creation vs. per month basis. Any of you have experience with using either options?

Also, if you have been Patreon-ing me, and I owe you any rewards for the past... 3 months? (Eep!) Please do not hesitate to let me know and I will catch up with what I owe you!
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I have been wanting to do a series of self-care zines for about a year now, and am still trying to figure out how to do things.

Then, I thought of creating a companion zine to compliment my self-care blog, It wouldn't be independent, single-topic zines, but I was thinking of making it sort of like an anthology of sorts (maybe?), where many different people can contribute to it, depending on a central theme per issue.

The Name

I thought of the perfect name for it: Ingat, which means "care" in Filipino. I like it, because I also like the idea of being able to carry around this zine, or to give it to somebody and tell them "ingat ka" ("take care").

How to Call for Submissions

I have never, ever done a call for zine submissions before, though, and so I have no idea how these things go. I would ideally love to pay my contributors, but I'm not in a position to do that just yet. I also want to make these zines accessible to anybody, but would also like to offer those able to throw something into the tip jar a little something extra...

Digital and Print Editions

I would prioritize a digital edition, and, if possible, a print edition... but I don't really have funds to do this. Maybe I could micro-fund a photocopied edition, or a home-printed edition (assembled by yours truly).


Would it be one of those things worth crowdfunding via a site like IndieGogo or Kickstarter, or should I stick with a smaller fundraising effort here like I did for my moving out fundraiser? I would also try to account for "yay, funds to pay my contributors with" in said fundraisers. I will have to ask around re: printing rates, too, depending on how big the zine/anthology/whatever this turns out to be becomes.


Part of me is tempted to create an entirely separate Patreon to support and Ingat, specifically, but I'm not sure if that would work out. Would it be too much added work for me to think about? I am such a multi-disciplinary creative that I work on tons of different projects for people to support. But, anyway, yes: would that be a good idea, to support the self-care projects as their own project?


I was thinking of making it a quarterly zine, but perhaps for my sanity, I should aim for at least two issues within a year. Maybe?


I am always open to suggestions for topics! I've even contemplated starting a Q & A sort of section, even on, but as of the moment I don't have enough spoons for it right now.

Some topics my friend [profile] thebonesofferallletters suggested for me: "Positivity lists would be awesome, affirmations are good and a self care kit."


The first few themes I've thought of are: rituals, mornings, evenings

Any thoughts? Anybody with experience self-publishing a thing? I would love to hear from you!

[This is not something I would launch until I have fulfilled everything I owe my patrons, of course (commissions and Icon Day, I am looking at you.) So sit tight - and I promise not to start up any more things until I've got my bases covered. :) ]
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I need a system where I can write what I need to do for the next day or days later in the week for these todo/tada lists...

Thinky thoughts... )

Brainstorm some creative/unusual to-do lists/planner layouts (analog or digital) with me, folks? And I will probably attempt to mock up some printables.

(Will probably expand this to be a post later this month.)
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I'm not very active on the LJ side of things, apart from following maybe three artists and one community that aren't here on dreamwidth, and cross-posting my posts from here to there. ^^;

So I was wondering if any of you could recommend any active communities (creative ones preferably? but I'm always on the lookout for new stuff) or users I could follow over on that side of the Internet?

Thanks in advance. :)
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 Hello! I am now holding Icon Day 06 to help me raise funds to move out of my currently toxic living situation ASAP. Requests will be open until January 1, 2014. I'm offering a bonus, too, for anybody who tips at least $10: a chibi to go with your icon! Wow! What a deal! I'll even make you 20 icons, in addition to your free icon, for only $100. Dang!

Here's our current Icon Day tally:
We're about $6 away from $20, which would let me have a nice lunch out with my partner for our monthsary today... :D
If you are interested in other ways to help, please see my main page for my Moving Out Fundraiser.

Speaking of fundraisers, here's the total so far, including Icon Day tips... we're halfway through my first goal!

Every dollar helps me get one step closer to moving out and healing. Thank you so much, and please spread the word!
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Would any of you be interested if I opened the next Icon Day within the next few days and left it running till New Year's, maybe, to help raise money for my moving out fundraiser? I was also thinking of putting add-ons like the usual ACEO/art cards, and maybe a sheet of character icons at a discounted rate...? And maybe keychains, either acrylic or shrinky dink? I can't promise live streams yet, as I don't know what my living situation will be next year, but that's also something I would consider.

And, yes, I'm now open for art and writing/editing commissions, though I can safely begin work on them in January 2015 if that's okay. I'll also be sending out all bracelets/art bought for the fundraiser in January to avoid having them get lost in the mail due to the holiday mail frenzy.

I'll be updating my fundraiser tomorrow! I am contemplating doing stretch-goal type things if we reach the first goal soon. *muses*
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(TW: suicidal ideation, mental illness (depression/anxiety), emotional abuse, financial anxiety)

Hello. Most of you know me as Mel. I don't have many words, but the gist is this: I have badly wanted to move out of my current place of residence for several years now due to constant emotional abuse, a negative environment, and physically unsafe/unhygienic housing conditions. I have tried my best to endure, delaying my moving out year by year, but I believe I am now at my utmost limit as tonight, I had the most intense suicidal thoughts I have had in a long time, and I am afraid of what may happen if this continues.

I want to stress that I will still try my best to save up for moving out on my own. I do have a part-time day job, and sometimes I get some tiny extra income here and there freelancing. However, anything I receive will help me get one step closer to moving out - and helping my mental and emotional health - sooner.

My original plan was to move out December 2015 (July 2015 at the earliest) but my goal now is to move out within December 2014 or by January-February 2015 at most. My goal is to save a minimum of $1000 to survive on a tight budget for three months where I live. $2000 would cover six months of living expenses. And so on.

I will keep a counter, here, of how much I've earned so far.

I know I have asked help from you all before - for my mental health therapy funds, in particular - and I am still so, so grateful for all the help that you have given me. I am so, so sorry to have to ask again - and most of all I don't want anybody to feel pressured or obligated. But if you would like to...

- donate via PayPal [or send to: mel.g.cabral[AT]gmail[DOT]com]
- donate via Gumroad
- donate via other means (bank deposit? etc.?)
- support monthly via my Patreon
- commission me for art and design
- hire me to edit your written work
- hire me to write for you (fiction/non-fiction, essays/articles/short stories/etc.)
- buy something from our RedBubble (or the FanDomination RedBubble) (we receive a small percentage of sales
- buy a pre-hand-painted notebook (or commission me for one)
- buy some ACEOs or paper bead jewelry
- buy some semi-precious stone and/or faux pearl jewelry
- buy some second hand books (I might put up more soon)
- commission me to record audio (readings?) or video of myself for you (for whatever reason)
- participate in Icon Day 06
- signal boost

... or something else, or anything at all, I would be so, so, so grateful. Every dollar, every peso helps. Thank you for reading.
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• Need money for repairs (or new computer? depending on costs?) because current laptop, while fine for other uses, keeps lagging when used for digital art commissions, making it almost impossible to work
• Need to take new commissions for money, but don't want to do so until all current backlog is finished (almost there!)
• Current commission backlog is all digital art
• Welp

Suggestions? :c

(I COULD do traditional art, I suppose... but am still on the whole "but want to finish current owed artworks first" dilemma. But having trouble finishing due to laggy laptop, but, hngh.)
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My body pain started becoming unbearable the past few weeks. My neck and back started to burn (best way I can put it), and my right shoulder, knee, and foot were giving me hell.

Medical specifics. )

So - and I'm so sorry to be asking this again - I'm humbly accepting any and all tips anyone could drop into my tip jar. I can't promise anything in return right now, as I'm still trying to finish my commission backlog (and probably cannot take on new work until end of December) and keeping my head afloat with day job and grad school. At the most, I figured I could record a quick thank-you video, or read almost anything you want me to say on-camera, or write a handwritten letter, or take a photo of me doing something silly for you, or something?

But, uhm, yes. Even if you can't drop anything in the jar, it's okay! I will probably find a way to pull through, just. Thank you, even signal boosts would help so much, and words of encouragement, and. Thank you.

Click the banner to tip via Paypal.
Or leave a tip via Gumroad.

Or become my patron and get special goodies each month.
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My dearest friend [personal profile] surpassingly needs help raising funds for their dog's veterinary care. She is and has always been a great inspiration for my own art and writing, and she could use all the support she can have.

You can do via the following methods:
Become her patron via Patreon (and become a patron of an amazing artist and writer!)
Commission her for gorgeous artwork
♥ Signal boost
♥ Anything else you can do to help

Thank you ♥
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As I've mentioned before, I do happen to have a Patreon where you could tip me if you like my work. Every cent counts and it's helped me afford art supplies and equipment. Thank you!

But I'm a complete newbie when it comes to making nice crowdfunding hubs like this, and I'm sure my Patreon is A Mess. I could use your help to make it better and serve not just me but all of you better!

Under the cut: thoughts and wondering how to improve it. Very wordy, sorry! )

What are some cool things you think might make great prizes and milestones? What reward levels do you think would be fair to get them at for both me and my patrons? Let me know in the comments! I want to make this awesome for you too. ♥
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Sorry I've been a bit quiet!

So close to finishing this semester's requirements… just one more submission for tomorrow… been working on it all week.

I'm aiming to post the results of Icon Day 04 before the end of April.

I'm also thinking of taking a break from the project this summer, but will launch it again this October in time for them to be released on Christmas or New Year's, like last time.

In the meantime, is there anything you'd like to see for next Icon Day? Any suggestions for add-ons, upgrades, process, etc.? :)

I'm also thinking, if I do launch a different crowdfunding project this summer, it may be in May or June, since our academic calendar has been moved two months later than usual… What sort of project would you guys like to see me do?

I'm thinking art cards, but is there any particular fun stuff you want me to try out?

Please feel free to suggest in the comments~!
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Thank you so much to everybody who voted for us! Our project, “Icon Day”, won the Rose & Bay Awards in the Best Art Category for 2014. We’re so honored that you enjoyed our project, and we hope to launch more like it in the near future.

While we’re on the topic, drawing for Icon Day 04 is still in progress. Grad school has been a bit busy, but we’re looking to complete this batch by the end of March 2014. I'm thinking of experimenting by doing a different crowdfunding project in April, but I'm not sure what yet. Any suggestions or stuff you'd like to see me do? :)
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In conjunction with my goal of doing more full figures this year, I'm thinking of doing a very small Iron Artist project this month where I offer discounted commissions with a specific theme.

My theme would be "interesting poses". I'm thinking of starting off by taking 4-5 commissions and doing full body clean sketches (maybe with some light coloring?) for $10 at a maximum of 600-800px or A5 size if traditional. However, as these will be quick discounted artworks, I'll need full body images to already be provided (no cobbling together references for physical features or purely written descriptions, sorry!), and character designs will be simplified as seen fit.

Would any of you be interested? If there are enough people, I can come up with samples.
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Eeee! I got a postcard from [ profile] haikujaguar and a card from [personal profile] serpentine! Thank you so much~


Icon Day 04 Updates: We are roughly $9 away from unlocking the $50 tier: inked icons for all!

While I'm at it, I wonder if I missed any other places I should be signal boosting at? :o I know of [community profile] crowdfunding , [ profile] teenycom , [ profile] freestuffday , [community profile] signalboost , and the deviantART Job Services forum… do y'all advertise at other places when you hold your crowdfunding projects? :)


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!