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I'm currently typing on a dinky tiny keyboard stand that was meant for my old iPad, but guess what I finally got?

A proper work desk! With a comfy chair! WHAT!

I'm currently looking into ergonomic mice and keyboards... I'm eyeing the Microsoft Ergonomic Sculpt, but I'm torn between the Kinesis Freestyle2 Wireless for Mac and the Matias Ergo Pro for Mac Low Force Edition... the Matias site says that a new version is coming out by end of May 2017 though, so I think I'll try and wait for reviews of that one before I make my final choice. All options (as far as I know) aren't available locally, so I'm not looking forward to that shipping fee, haha. And assuming I can save up enough for everything I want... including a monitor eventually... merp.
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• Need money for repairs (or new computer? depending on costs?) because current laptop, while fine for other uses, keeps lagging when used for digital art commissions, making it almost impossible to work
• Need to take new commissions for money, but don't want to do so until all current backlog is finished (almost there!)
• Current commission backlog is all digital art
• Welp

Suggestions? :c

(I COULD do traditional art, I suppose... but am still on the whole "but want to finish current owed artworks first" dilemma. But having trouble finishing due to laggy laptop, but, hngh.)


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!