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So, uhm, the holidays are rollin' round the corner, and my dearest friend Mia quoted the following from [personal profile] dingsi's wishlist posts:
1. It is okay to want nice things. Post your wishlist! You don't have to be/do something special to "deserve" one! Just accept that sometimes people want to give you nice things! Because it makes them feel good, and/or they think you are rocksauce, or: because!
2. It is okay to not give someone what they want. People can be broke, out of energy, too busy, or simply go "eh, I'm not feeling particularly close to this person" and shrug and scroll past. Doesn't make them bad.
Since it's been a while, I figured, why not? ♥ ;u;

1. Any tips/monetary donations to my Paypal (* so that I can move out of our home and have enough allowance to live on for 3-6 months while I look for new work.

If you'd prefer to get some service in return, then...

2. For anyone to commission me for art or graphic design, order a PaperCanvas notebook,

or buy anything/redirect people to our online stores at...
our MelAiken RedBubble, Zazzle, Skreened,
our FanDomination RedBubble

3. Kindle e-books! That links to my Amazon wishlist. I always love e-books. It takes me a while to finish them, but it's great that they help me not take up any more space while I declutter the house.

4. Doodles and art? ♥ Of me, any of my favorite characters (you can ask? I have many; maybe we have fandoms in common?), of myself and my boyfriend, or anything adorable like a little bunny would make my day. :')

5. Secondhand or on-sale Wii, DS, or PS3 games! Like Sonic Colors (Aiken gifted it to me eeee!) or Klonoa. ♥ I only have Wii Sports and Wii Fit left at the moment, I haven't bought a new DS or Wii game in ages, and Aiken recently finally got to buy himself a PS3, and I'd like to help him build up his game library. ; u ; Or 3DS games~

Uh... I'll think about it.

Thank you! ♥
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Aiken ♥
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Hearts all over this post. @_@ I think that's it...? Asides from all sorts of equipment like a pin button making machine, a heat press for designing t-shirts, etc. :)) Haha! I unfortunately don't have the room for them... I can still dream, though, right? I guess I'll add to this whenever I think of something. :o

. . .

On #7's note, I've been thinking of holding a Free Icon Day where I draw a sketch or inked icon for everyone who requests regardless of leaving a tip or not. I want to give back to everyone who has helped me out and stuck by me whether all these years or just recently met me but has been really kind to me. I also want to make random people's day!

It'd be like a Kickstarter with tip incentives: if tips reach a certain amount, something spiffy gets unlocked, such as colored icons for everyone! Or an extra icon! Or a certain amount nets you an art card commission, too!

I can't promise to hold free icon day during the holidays, however, as I'm a little bogged down right now. Would it be all right to hold it in January, instead? How long it takes to finish the icons would depend entirely upon how many people request. It can take me anywhere from a day to 3 months! We'll see? :) Comment if you're interested so I can gauge interest please? :3


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hahaha i just noticed some of my message got cut off I'M NOT AS USED TO THIS AS I WAS IN THE OLD DAYS i also said i was looking forward to your icon day ;w;
and AWWWWWWWWWW HEHEHE THAT'S SO NICEEEEEEE ♥ its always nice to know you've helped someone even in just a small way uwu


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