Jan. 2nd, 2016

itsamellama: (Default)
Long story short: I thought I almost got a really good deal on a 2nd hand Cintiq21UX, but... the seller lives so far away that it's a headache trying to figure out a way to have my mom drive me (since it's heavy) and to have my boyfriend accompany us (for safety reasons) at a reasonable meet-up point (since seller doesn't have a car) that isn't the seller's house (since safety reasons).

I'm giving myself a couple of days to think it over, but I'm not that desperate for one (even if I really want one...)

On the bright side (? of sorts), I checked Amazon, and whaaat the price difference is like $245 for the Cintiq13HD and $440 for the Cintiq22HD. I know shipping and handling and importing and taxes is a thing, but :(

I've been trying to search for videos of people using the Cintiq13HD with Manga Studio and it doesn't look as small in terms of screen real estate as I thought it would be? It's half the price of the 22HD too...

"But Meeeeel there are cheaper alternatives like Yiynova!" I know (I tried the DP10U but it was too small for my uses) but I really like WACOM's express keys and general feel of the tablet T_T


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