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I don't post here nearly enough. D:

I don't have much to say, either, other than my brain weasels have been running around screaming since I've been investing some $$$ into Things That Should Be Good for Me (such as ergonomic mice and keyboards! and a book stand! to make my life easier!), and that I've dyed my hair purple :D!

I'm pleasantly surprised at how well purple suits me...! I've been feeling like only pink and red make me feel like a rockstar. Or maybe I should just say no to the lighter hair dyes and just mix up my own using conditioner and dark hair dye, as I've done here (and with my red hair in the past). Maybe I can re-try blue hair now that I've got some super dark hair dye...


Though I will admit I have been mildly anxious the past few days because my partner spotted a small bald spot (that's thankfully covered up by the way I style my hair) and I'm worried I did something bad to my scalp a few months back and never realized it until now. Although I do vaguely remember that particular spot stinging during one bleaching session, but I think I washed it out when it was too much to bear...? My being unable to remember is making me feel quite nervous that maybe it's irreversible damage. (My partner, on the other hand, thinks maybe that's been there all along and nobody ever noticed, including myself.)

But I guess there isn't anything I can do about it now if the hair doesn't grow back...? Anxiety results in nights where you stay up just to look up how to restore hair follicles, lol.

I did find out about different methods and I think I got my medical trivia fill for the week. :P

As much as I love having super pastel pink hair (which only lasted about a week lol or less than), I've decided to be more cautious about bleaching from now on. I might go down one notch in developer volume too just to be ultra safe. (My first few times I was irresponsible and did 12%. I've gone down to 9%, but I think I should go for 6% in two sessions, as impatient as I get....) Or maybe I should try bleach shampooing again, but it takes forever and I don't know if I should buy that much bleach powder, haha.

If anybody who has experience with this has any advice for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. :D

(The woes of being born with jet black hair. I wish it was possible to adjust the hue like in character creator screens whenever you wanted. Come on, human evolution.... get with the times! :P)

Date: 2017-05-24 04:51 pm (UTC)
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The purple looks really good on you. :) I dunno about the bleach, since after my first failed attempt to bleach my own hair resulted in barely reddish hair that was completely fried dry I went and got it done. It would be handy to have a hue adjuster, ahah.

Is it actually a bald spot or just... a cowlick? Because I've got a cowlick that looks 'bald' if I don't attempt to cover it, but it's been there the whole time.


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