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It's afternoon where I am, at least. I spent my morning taking a long walk and finally playing Pokemon Go (yay, super cheap data plans I can afford on my tiny budget!), so I finally just reached level 10 ; w;

Yesterday, I jogged/ran for 1 hr, and according to Strava, I hit 6km??? I am joining a marathon in early Sept, I hope I can be prepared by then.

Tonight, I'll be having dinner with my partner at a really nice Japanese restaurant we tried recently :D I'm really looking forward to it~

Generally, August 2016 has been very very challenging, but I'm still around, and I'm still here (despite our internet service also being at its worst this month, keeping me from doing work and school decently, sob. I'll be surprised if this entry submits properly!) And I'm glad to be here. :) I'm glad I stayed. Most of it was hitting me hard with a ton of repair bills that all came in at the same time (why does everything always decide to break at the same time? Do they discuss it before going through with it??), part of it is fixing my government papers and driver's license (sob, fees), and part of it was helping my partner with medical bills as well. I need to hustle and get myself down to the local gov't hospital because my partner's also noticing how uneven my shoulders/posture is (SOBBBB), so I'm not looking forward to More Bills, but it must be done. D:

If you'd like to treat me to something for my birthday, dropping something in the tip jar would be awesome~

(You can also leave a tip via Gumroad~)

Things that would make my year: slowly building up my Patreon total, even a dollar a month really, really helps, especially now that I'm back to studying + part-time freelancing ; w ; ♥

Thank you so much!!!
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