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Drabble a Day 2015
Day 002
Daily Goal: 100 Words
Today's Output: 101 Words
Series: Project Henna Hotel
Characters: Hotel Manager (to be named), Julius
Content Warnings/Triggers/Mentions: None?

Author Notes:
Project Henna Hotel is an old idea of mine wherein several people find themselves stuck in a strange hotel. For whatever reason, after their first night, they wake up with animal ears and tails that conform to their personalities and/or pasts. (I'm also thinking of just nixing the whole animal deal altogether, or work with a world wherein it's already a normal trait.) Ideally I want everybody's stories to intertwine somehow. It's largely inspired by Gregory Horror Show and Hotel Dusk, both games set in Hotels.

The original draft had Miles Risley find himself at the hotel after trying to follow his runaway father into the street. Miles will know at least one or two people who currently reside in the hotel. In this drabble, I explore the idea of telling the story from Julius', the concierge/bellboy, point of view instead.

This drabble is a raw, rough, and unedited practice piece.


“You didn’t have to do that, Julius.”

“Do what?” Julius asked, his rabbit ears perking at his hotel manager’s remark.

“That… that thing.” The hotel manager’s nose crinkled, as if there had been a foul smell. "You didn’t…” He exhaled. “You shouldn’t have approached it.”

Julius wondered what thing ey were referring to. “If you mean the incinerator, Marshall has taught me how to use it before he went on leave.”

“That thing in Room 412,” the hotel manager said.

“You mean Mr. Risley?” Julius said. “But he is our newest guest.”

"Ah,” the hotel manager replied. "For you, he is."


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!