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As always, no obligations and no pressure! ♥

My Christmas wishlist is basically mostly subscriptions and digital purchases! While I think they can be bought for me, I think they might be more expensive if it finds you're in another country (???). Not too sure on that... so let me know if the prices are showing up differently on your end? @_@

1. Spotify annual subscription (~$35 or so in our pricing?)
2. Evernote Premium annual subscription (~$25 in our pricing?)
3. Omnifocus 2 Pro Upgrade (phone) ($20) or an Apple Store gift card (although I'm using the Philippine store I think, not the US one!)
4. Amazon Kindle E-Books Wishlist! Currently eyeing the latest Getting Things Done Kindle Edition. I also accept gift cards!
5. Moleskine sketchbooks and watercolor books from Book Depository (free international shipping! I can give you my address :'D)
6. Postcards or letters from you! :) PM me for address~
7. Steam games wishlist! Although I also accept gift cards :D

And, as always, any tips you could so kindly drop into the tip jar. I'm currently saving up for a proper (hopefully ergonormic!) work desk!

You can also leave a tip via Gumroad!

And, while I have been woefully struggling with updating the Patreon, I always always appreciate having more patrons. I will be uploading some art to it shortly--and may probablyyyy revamp it to be more of an art patreon because I am honestly getting so confused trying to come up with rewards specifically for art-related stuff, haha. Me? Hold another Patreon for writing stuff because I'm intense? Mayyyybe... T_T but I will head to the gym first, and then scan in some ahrt when I get home!!

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1. More patrons for my Patreon, por favor?

Even just $1 per person every month goes a long way. ♥*

I also recently reworked (agaaaain) my rewards and milestones, including work process access, monthly compilation zines, art cards, mini-zines, original artwork, so please do check it out! I'm hoping this is finally the structure I'll stick with for a while, and one that works out. *crosses fingers*

It would be a really nice boost to be able to earn enough for even some treats for working on cool stuff I like, instead of being hyperfocused on creating stuff for commercial success. It's been burning me out a lot, so I hope this change will work out for everyone too.

2. If not regular monthly patronage, a dollar or two* to go towards my big-dream WACOM Cintiq 22HD fund, maybe?

My paypal is :)

I can still work with my Intuos, but since trying out a cheap Yiynova (which turned out to be too small for my needs), the hand-eye coordination disconnect has been massive for me, so this would really help me work faster on digital art. I'm checking for second-hand options too but haven't had much luck so far. I would get the 13HD but it seems too small for how I work too, though that's my second option.

My current progress: ~$1500 or so away. *weep* I'm thinking of making a big icon day-esque compilation when I'm done, one icon each of every person who pitched in for this, as my way of saying thank you, if I ever reach this.

*Preferably in Philippine Pesos or US dollars as Paypal has this weird thing about not letting me consolidate different currencies into one big bank withdrawal. T_T

3. If you have any old games you no longer want for Steam, PC, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, or 3DS, I'd love to take them off your hands!

4. Gosh dang anybody wanna be pen pals? I can't promise to be super-diligent, but I think I can send one letter or postcard every quarter, at least!

5. If you've made a zine or have any zines you want to share (or don't want anymore), may I have a copy? :) I really want to get into zine-making this year, so I'll try to send something back eventually!

That's it for now... I guess? I am honestly at a lost of what to put here that doesn't involve sending expensive items through our unreliable and corrupt government postal office. x_x
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Content notes: Financial, since I am daydreaming here about some stuff I hope I can afford within the month of February. (Probably can only afford one of these things though, and maybe not even the whole thing. *sigh~*) And a little bit of physical health stuff (back/shoulder/neck and foot pain mostly).

Wish wish wish... )

* Also reminding myself that there's absolutely nothing wrong in talking about stuff you think would be nice to have, dang it. You are only human.

Thought about adding more but I think I'll make those for next month's wishlist, haha. I don't think I could conceivably buy all 10+ things anyway. (Even if I have been longing for some of them for a good... yikes, 3-5+ years now.)
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Cuz a few friends told me to make one. UP IT GOES! :D


1. Any monetary tips or donations? <3 Bonus happy points and eternal gratitiude if you'd like it to go my Mental Health Therapy Fundraiser <3 * (Or, heck, even signal-boosting the heck outta that helps too~)

Click the tip jar below to leave a tip/donation directly via PayPal! You don't need an account to do so. A debit card or credit card works just as well. :)

2. In line with that (and I guess everything below), for people to commission me to do art for them!
Or maybe writing, though I'm still learning the ropes for the latter.*

 3. The Adonit Jot Touch 4 Pressure Sensitive Stylus for my iPad. * o *

It's a bit pricey, but it'd help me go paperless (more or less) with note-taking too, as I have apps I loveee to doodle in. Also, Procreate is bliss. Also I could probably offer promo commissions made with these too when I get my hands on one, kekeke~


4. A monthly (or Lifetime...!?) subscription to the Japanese Language Learning online textbook/resource, TextFugu

This has been amazingly fun and effective for me so far, and I already finished the first free season. It's so fulfilling to feel like I'm finally getting somewhere after several years of trying different resources! I really need to learn a decent amount of Japanese to pass my required Language Proficiency Exam for my MA, too * A *


5. Cute/awesome shirts that fit me, maybe...!!?!?! Clothing is also an extreme luxury for me. I waited several years cycling the same 5 white shirts/pants before I was forced to buy new clothes this year for work hahaha!



6. A WACOM Cintiq *hit* or a Yiynova MSP19U for a draw-on-the-screen tablet, though I was thinking of getting the Adonit to satiate this desire hahaha

7. An SSD drive for my Mid-2009 Macbook Pro, though Lumi the MBP is still going strong though~

8. Does Etude House have gift certificates? /rolls around because MAKE-UP IS A FUN LUXURY ... but stress on the luxury ; A ;

9. If anyone's got an external floppy disk drive they don't need, that'd be a great help since I have boxes of old disks to extract data from for my mom! 


10. Birthday doodles always make my day! \o/ Yay! Even a 10-sec scribble makes me giddy with joy.


And of course, birthday greetings :)


If y'all wanna take me out to lunch or dinner or a snack or for a cup'a milk tea that's cool too haha


* Money raised goes to therapy funds, emergency funds, and to more equipment/materials to make more awesome art for you guys!


Honest talk: I have been aiming to have enough to be financially secure for a few months, ideally at least a year, for my own physical and emotional health, should anything undesirable happen. I'm now in a phase where I'm climbing up this mountain where I'm finally kind of able to do some creative/commissioned/required output semi-regularly, and I'd like to keep that up and perhaps do even better!


Thank you so much for all your support so far, everybody. It truly means so much to me, and I feel like I can definitely overcome any and all obstacles eventually.

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So, uhm, the holidays are rollin' round the corner, and my dearest friend Mia quoted the following from [personal profile] dingsi's wishlist posts:
1. It is okay to want nice things. Post your wishlist! You don't have to be/do something special to "deserve" one! Just accept that sometimes people want to give you nice things! Because it makes them feel good, and/or they think you are rocksauce, or: because!
2. It is okay to not give someone what they want. People can be broke, out of energy, too busy, or simply go "eh, I'm not feeling particularly close to this person" and shrug and scroll past. Doesn't make them bad.
Since it's been a while, I figured, why not? ♥ ;u;

Things I desire. )

Hearts all over this post. @_@ I think that's it...? Asides from all sorts of equipment like a pin button making machine, a heat press for designing t-shirts, etc. :)) Haha! I unfortunately don't have the room for them... I can still dream, though, right? I guess I'll add to this whenever I think of something. :o

. . .

On #7's note, I've been thinking of holding a Free Icon Day where I draw a sketch or inked icon for everyone who requests regardless of leaving a tip or not. I want to give back to everyone who has helped me out and stuck by me whether all these years or just recently met me but has been really kind to me. I also want to make random people's day!

It'd be like a Kickstarter with tip incentives: if tips reach a certain amount, something spiffy gets unlocked, such as colored icons for everyone! Or an extra icon! Or a certain amount nets you an art card commission, too!

I can't promise to hold free icon day during the holidays, however, as I'm a little bogged down right now. Would it be all right to hold it in January, instead? How long it takes to finish the icons would depend entirely upon how many people request. It can take me anywhere from a day to 3 months! We'll see? :) Comment if you're interested so I can gauge interest please? :3


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!