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Buenos dias! Como esta?

Spanish Lessons
It's been a while since I made a post like this. So: yes, I have returned to studying Spanish for my language exam requirement in order to take thesis for my Master's Degree in Creative Writing. Woe. On one hand, I wish I could be done sooner. On the other hand, after 2.5 years of taking classes (and the last semester being bundled up with day job + freelance work), I do appreciate the breather.

I still have to figure out accents, and upside-down question marks, but, yes! Duolingo + Michel Tomas is my current method, the latter listened to via audio lessons during my work commutes.

Not Overworking
I am still trying to figure out how to Not Overload on Work Like a Healthy Person, but I think I am doing pretty okay at it. I've been trying to fix my sleep schedule... I haven't exactly been succeeding in the way I envisioned, but I'm getting there. My struggle is fighting off the sleepiness once I am at the office. My target is to go to bed before 12pm (10pm ideally), and wake up at 6am (5pm ideally). I've been managing with waking up at 6:30am-7:30am... which is a lot better than waking up at 8:30am-9:30am. (Meep.)

I still have backlogs to get to (*weeps slowly*) but I am doing my best. ;_; This is still something I desperately need to work on, turnaround times.

I've been turning down new work (as much as it pains my workaholic heart!) and I think the results are showing. I've been able to take more care with my daily hygiene and self-care rituals. I actually put on sunblock now! Which I should have done... seven years ago. Meep. I've even been putting on lotion after I shower. Normally I wouldn't, because it feels sticky due to the humid weather where I live, but the latest brand of lotion I'm trying doesn't feel so icky. And it smells like berries! Mmm. Berries.

Heck, I've been putting on light make-up too! I almost never do this anymore due to lack of energy or care. But it feels nice and I think I look nice and I love to feel like a magical girl in the morning. *grins* I even did my nails yesterday. Joy.

How about you?
How are you all? :)


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