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:D I've only gone back to sleep after breakfast today! ... erm. Haha. Well, I managed to stay up the last few days (except Sunday--I was a very lazy, very sleepy loaf.) I think what works for me is having my partner help me wake up (he's been making breakfast lately, although I try to help out), eating, then washing the dishes right after to stay up/keep myself tempted from sleeping. Also, turning off the AC helps me get into work mode, for some reason... I guess because I'm not too comfy! (Although I might have to turn it back on if I'm doing digital artwork, as it can make my laptop overheat...)

I think I'll look into getting a sun lamp as somebody suggested, but I'm not sure they're locally available...

Another thing I should try is to make that one hour before 'work time' be some form of fun time... maybe drawing? Reading some articles? Watching a video? I try to get my butt working at 8am, and log out at around 3pm (then I go work out at a gym, three times a week!) But my partner gets up around 5.30am (sometimes earlier?!), so I wake up along with him, and we usually finish eating in under an hour, so that's... lots of time before I'm supposed to work. (I'm trying NOT to send myself straight to work after eating/waking up.)
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I just realized I missed a question. Sorry about that!
Around the end of the month, I'd like to see "The Dream of the New Year", if you please. - [personal profile] silveradept
At first, I thought this meant the dream I had the night of the New Year. I didn't recall any, but I recently had dreams about being a ghost and moving to the core of different objects as I rolled side to side in my bed, half-conscious. I blame recently completing the game Ghost Trick for that.

Really, thinking about it more, my dream for this year is to slowly realize and complete more of my own projects. To reach out and get to know more people in these fields. To slowly overcome my fears about creating. The fear will never completely go away. No, not really. I can, however, continue to develop skills in handling the fear.

Just a few minutes ago, I was daydreaming again with my friend Alex Paredes about one of the things we want the most, oh so desperately: to own a studio that we can share with our artist friends. A place where we can collaborate, invest in each other's works, pitch in so we could all afford the supplies and equipment we need to keep going, help each other, support each other. It still feels a little out of reach, financially… but I still really, really want that. I have been yearning for this for at least three years, since I graduated from Fine Arts. Maybe, if I attain more small successes this year, I will be able to set aside enough money to make this dream into a reality. Alex really wants to pull it off this year, but we both need a little help.

I don't know if I can attain it this year… I would be over the moon if I did. Besides also daydreaming about owning a nice home with my romantic partner Aiken, it would just… be so nice to have your own part boot camp, part support group, to see the journey through together in more concrete ways.
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What is your preferred media and why? - [personal profile] syntheid
Digital media for practicality - I don't have to spend too much money on materials, I don't have to wait for things to dry, and I don't have to clean up the mess afterwards.

But when I do have the energy for traditional media, I love using acrylics and markers because both of them dry fast. I tend to work quickly and have low patience for things that require drying. I also really love my ink brush pen, even if I'm not that good at using it yet.
Artists that inspire you. - [personal profile] wyldbutterflies
Lisa Rye was my idol in my first fandom (DBZ!)
[personal profile] maiyeng was a huge inspiration for me too back in the Rival Schools days ^o^/
My friend Alexandra Paredes is amazing in all aspects.
Gigi and Angie are great at character design, environments, and colors, too. You should read their webcomics (linked)!
And of course, my boyfriend Aiken continues to be absolutely amazing. ♥
How you first got into art. - [personal profile] cxcvi
Fandom! I got into it with Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. The exact moment I remember wanting to be an artist was while I was playing Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for the PlayStation. It had an Art Gallery that you could unlock and collect the images in. I wanted to be an artist who made things like that too. :)
How did you develop your art style? - [personal profile] fascination
I'm not really sure how to answer it as I still don't know if I do have a style of my own yet. :o I do try to take influences from several different artists, looking at what I feel they do best and trying to emulate that in my own style. Most of it has developed recently from studying from life and photo references which helped a lot. If I can't figure it out on my own, I reference an artist who I think is good at it, and it helps it 'click'.
Favourite things to draw? - [personal profile] fascination Eyes, noses, hands, bunnies, cats, hearts, rainbows, stars… in terms of 'I can't think of what to draw', I default to fandom: Silhoutte Mirage, Son Goten from Dragonball Z, Klonoa, Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Professor Layton, Daft Punk.
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How are you spending the holidays? - [personal profile] finch
For today (24th) and tomorrow (25th), probably just going to chill here at home playing Pokemon X while it's still my turn to play with the shared 3DS I got with my boyfriend and his sister. I'll probably try to crank out a few more icons for Icon Day and studies for a sketch, too.

For the 26th, I'll be hanging out at my boyfriend's house probably playing video games or just chatting and playing with their cats and dogs. c:

We'll probably spend New Year's at home, too.
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Top ten favorite musicians (solo or band). - [personal profile] wyldbutterflies

In no particular order, and not necessarily my permanent top ten. Just listing as they come to me:

1. Daft Punk. FOREVER. I love their Discovery album and costumes the best. 30 year old French men dressing up as robots in fine frilly suits. ♥ I'll admit I'm not as rabidly into them as I was back then also I'm broke so I can't buy those limited edition toys that came out this year but I love them just the same.

2. MIKA. He was the first solo musician whose entire album I enjoyed.

3. Stars. Mostly for their album, In Our Bedroom After the War.

All three of the above came during my freshman year of college, a very formative period of my life.

4. World Order. They're my current Daft Punk, if you will. They give me so much hope.

5. Utada Hikaru! She was the first solo J-Pop singer I ever learned of, first through an Animax music video, then through Kingdom Hearts.

6. L'arc~en~Ciel. The first J-Pop band I ever learned of. I think I just saw their name randomly on the net, then I picked up an album of theirs in the music shop I used to frequent. It was Heavenly. *badum-tsh*

7. Genki Rockets. Lumi ♥ I even named my laptop after her. They don't have much out yet, but I love their sound.

8. The Postal Service/Owl City. *sheepish* I know Owl City takes from The Postal Service, okay? Tied for me since I love both their sounds. Such Great Heights is fantastic. Nothing Better, by the former, was my heartbreak song. Fireflies and The Saltwater Room, by the latter, were my 'oh god should I confess to Aiken what if he rejects me what if I never get to spend time with him again anymore oh my god I love him so much I'm gonna just lie in bed all day and cry' soundtrack.

9. M2M. My childhood. I used to go to sleep playing their casette tape in my small red cassette tape radio player. I still have all their songs memorized. *preens*

10. Michael Jackson. By gods, my reaction when he passed away. I got into his work in my second year of college and Smooth Criminal got me through a lot of tough times. Beat It was my anthem during third year.
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What's your favorite Internet meme? - [personal profile] finch

I don't know if I really have one anymore. I liked to use catspeak a lot. Doge is pretty cute. Much specific. Very thought.

I used to be really fond of "over 9000" and "f*** yeah seaking" in my teens, for some reason.

Oooh, Socially Awkward Penguin is adorable and relatable, too.

*peeks at user icons* Oh. I guess I used to like "GET IN THE CAR" too, but I don't even remember where I got that from.
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Do you read manga? If so, what are some of your favourites? - [personal profile] in_this_room

I do! Some of my favorites include:

Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka. Please, please read it. It's about an unlicensed surgeon with a heart of gold and it tackles the themes of life and death, taking risks, morality, etc. Due to its age, it does have some problematic elements (one that comes to mind is a bad take on transsexuality regarding his lost love interest), but I still highly recommend it.

Fruits Basket, which I absolutely adored… though more on the beginning than the latter parts. Though maybe it's just because the scanlation of the later chapters that I read online was in broken English. It's absolutely heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time. Fair warning: there is no such thing as a good parent in Fruits Basket! If there is one, they're probably dead.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan): The only manga series I'm currently following.* It's full of despair. So much despair. It's supposed to be action adventure but I personally classify it as horror. The manga's pacing, compared to the anime version, is kind of all over the place, kind of slow, even, but I still recommend it if you're into apocalyptic despair-inducing material.

* I'm quite bad at jugging several ongoing series at the same time. I usually prefer to read or watch them when they're done. The problem with this is that it's easy to get spoiled…
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Very late, I apologize! I realized I got a lot of art related questions, so I figured I will be a little rebel and compile them into another post later. In the meantime I shall work out of the box and answer today's question:
When did you first realize that you might be genderqueer? -[personal profile] meicdon13

I go by genderescent these days, but genderfluid/genderqueer/androgynous sometimes work for me, too.

Teenage gender exploration under the cut. )

Also, patrons! Would you be cool with me posting this to Patreon as Patron-supported content? It... took a while to write. @_@
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“So what does you dad do for a living?”

I have gotten so used to receiving this question over the years that my automatic response is to bury the twinge of pain in my chest and cover it up with my well-practiced verse: “Oh, I never met him. I don’t know anything about him.” Occasionally, I add: “My parents are separated.”

Read the rest here at Kasiyahan, my self-care blog.


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