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Hi hi, friends :D

I figured I would just put this out there in case anybody might be interested.

Basically I have a web hosting account I currently use that... I've barely used even the fraction of the space and bandwidth of, atm, and I wanted to offer to split up the cost of the plan with whomever might be interested? Currently what I know to do is set up individual WordPress accounts per subdomain, and you can access yours easily from your own log-in page. (Yay!)

For the sake of transparency, my current web hosting plan is at around $60 per year. It currently gives me 10GB. I've only used... not even half of a GB (I mostly have portfolio and blog sites, for reference. Although they haven't grown in scale or anything. So.)

So the more there are of us, the cheaper it will cost per year. If I can get one web roomie, it's $30 per year for each. If I had 2 roomies, $20 per year. 3 roomies, $15 per year... and so on. If you're putting up, say a portfolio or any site that isn't going to rely heavily on huge media files that take up a lot of space, we're golden. :D If you're going to be using a custom domain name, we can just figure out how to attach your current one (if you already own one) to my webhost. :D If you don't have one yet, you can buy one from any provider? (I currently use Gandi, just for convenience, but they're a little pricier in terms of domain names, iirc.) If you're okay with having it be a subdomain without a custom domain name (ex. 'yournamehere' then you just pay for the cost of webhosting.

For those who aren't going to be using WordPress, I can still look into whether I can provide FTP access that's password-locked and stuff too. But I'm not 100% sure on that ATM. I haven't really had the time to. :(

So, uhm, yes. If you're interested, please PM me~ or if you know anybody who might be interested too.

(This is brought to you by Mel needing to figure out what to cut from her yearly expenses because thesis has been eating my life and thus haven't had time to do more projects that pay so I am trying to see how to make things win-win for everybody. Whee?)
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I plugged in my Intuos 4 last night to clean up the last few icons, and instantly my brain was like: "Well I think I've waited and marshmallow-tested myself long enough... I'd reallyyyyyy love to work with a Cintiq right now."

Spent most of today searching through different options.
Kind of wanted the Cintiq Companion 2 or the Cintiq 22HD but holy moly that price tag for both.
Cintiq Companion because it can be used without tethering to a computer, Cintiq 22HD because it seems like just the right size between Cintiq13HD and Cintiq24HD.

The only one that I could conceivably afford (with enough hard work) would be the Cintiq13HD, but having worked with a Yiynova DP10U, I'm worried it would be too small for me.

But I'm going to use it at the condo, I'm not 100% we have the room for a 22HD (I don't think we can have space for a desk since we already have a dining table in our tiny 1-room), whereas I can definitely slip the Cintiq13HD into its case and set it aside in a bag on in our cabinet. And I guess I could bring the 13HD with me if I'm coming home to family!house, and if I want to try working at a coffee shop (more cumbersome than a Companion but doable).

Also, I guess I can plug a Cintiq13HD or 22HD to anything so I could just update my main laptop, but being stuck with the Companion's built-in PC specs would limit things for a bigger price tag.

I saw someone selling a second-hand Cintiq13HD that's about $230~ (PhP10k) off the price of a brand new one and I'm reeeeeally tempted by it...

Mainly the big thing my jerk brain is yelling is "lol can you justify the price tag for having an easier time doing digital art" since initially I was like "I better make money with commissions by using this" but lately have been trying to be more gentle with myself with "there's nothing wrong in investing in something this expensive even if it's a hobby for me if it's gonna make it more fun for me."

*squints* Iiiii can't decide on a siiiizeeeeee but I don't know if I could plunk down ~$1200 (around PhP50,000, local prices) for a 13HD much less ~$2500 (PhP110,000) just for a big 22HD tablet ;___; (can I do enough commissions to afford one?)

waaarghhh jerkbrains suck


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!