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*squee* ♥

(Yes we celebrated our anniversary two weeks late, ahahaha.)
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Photo from our hike last 2014.

:'D I am a happy Melly.

I'm home!

Mar. 9th, 2015 10:59 am
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I am super tired from my trip to Baguio with Aiken because we tried to walk wherever we could. I feel more like I've come home from a hiking trip than a vacation, hah! I had a lot of fun, though. It was our first out-of-town adventure with just the two of us, not counting our trip to Laguna for the Enchanted Kingdom amusement park.

I fully intend to blog all about that experience (because I seriously miss public lifestyle blogging) but I have work to do at day job, then must prepare for my job interview tomorrow. I also have two game feature articles to submit tomorrow and Wednesday.

I hope I have enough energy to:
• go through all our photos and pick the best ones
• edit said photos so that they'll all look nice
• actually write up our 3-days-2-night trip
• finish the blasted thing

I am thinking of blogging it per day, and then doing individual in-depth posts for things like restaurants.

I miss lifestyle blogging...! I just have not found myself to have the energy or spoons for it in the past few years. But I shall push through. I shall push through.

I will also leave this here as a preview: picking strawberries at the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet.

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Now to start saving up for another trip! Because, yes, kind of costly, eep. But, oh, goodness. It feels so good to allow myself to spend on my happiness and well-being again without instantly thinking myself a selfish human being.
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I've punched all the numbers possible for moving out near work, and the income I make vs. how much it would cost is just too astronomically big a difference. It won't work, even with a roommate.

Bright side: my boyfriend and I are moving in together by April! )
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… and now I'm really, really sore.

(This is Mt. Pico de Loro in the Philippines! That's the Monolith in the back. I dared not try to climb it since my anxiety attacked me on the summit already.)


Jan. 20th, 2014 06:21 pm
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I am back from my first ever hiking weekend trip (or at least, I define it as my first ever, without my mom). I-- had a lot of difficulty dealing with my anxiety and struggling to climb rock faces and squeezing myself into cave passages and climbing and rappelling, but-- I have learned a lot, experienced a lot, and it has left me tired and sore but I will try my best to catch up with work!

In the meantime, have this photo of my partner and me at the mountain summit.
Kind of big so under the cut for now~ )

Not pictured: me internally screaming and my body locking up as I tried to climb a hanging rope+wood ladder, and Aiken's officemates graciously pulling me up and pushing me up to help me out. I'm so grateful to them for being so kind to me.
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Happy birthday to me, and happy 40th monthsary to us~ ♥
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• My grades for both of my classes are in, and I am shocked but happy at the outcome! Yes, even that subject that was boring beyond tears and that I thought I would almost flunk gave me a good grade. Hopefully, my next semester will be just as good, and hopefully I can grab more subjects that I can manage.

Aiken and I had a splendid anniversary dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Sushi-Ya. He calls it my special resto because that's where I spent my 20th birthday party, hee. I'm glad we were able to find time for each other on our special day. ♥

• Summer art teacher job has been pretty swell. I feel that I'm getting a lot of experience from it in lots of ways. Yes, after a hard day's work of preparing, teaching, and cleaning-up, I am often exhausted when I get home, but so far, I come home feeling happy and fulfilled. ♥

• I'm working on getting my portfolio/art site up and running, but it's been so long since I last wrangled websites. I'm kind of poking at it, trying to figure it all out again. Should be done anytime this year. c:

• Thinking of doing some fast promo commissions this weekend, like quick $5 chibis... or Powerpuff Girls-style characters... sketch portraits... silly cute simple animals drawn on my iPad... things like that. I'd open 3-5 slots and try to finish them in a weekend. It's to challenge myself to finish commissions faster, too. Would anyone be interested? :o
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Have to sleep early, so I'm posting this an hour early. I wish I had more energy to make something more amazing, but I hope that this simple art will do.

We've had lots of fun times, and a lot of bad ones, too. Even if we may not always be on the same wavelength, I'm glad we still see things through, together.

Honestly, I don't know what the future will bring, but I hope 2013 will be kinder to you and me.

Three years ago, we were both super excited that night we got together,

(and laughing deliriously but not without some blushing when our crazy lovable classmates launched us an FB fan page as well as bombarded Yahoo Messenger status messages with our couple name - it was like watching fireworks explode but with text and over the internet and it was the *best*)

but also scared about what that meant for us after that. "Well, let's get lost together," I blurted out, talking about our first trip with just the two of us to the far-off amusement park, yet it pretty much pertained to us, too.

The funny thing is, over a thousand days later, I don't feel lost at all. When I'm with you, I feel safe. I feel like I'm finally home.

I love you, Aiken, and I always will. Thank you for loving me so much, even if it can be difficult for you at times. I'll do my best to be here for you, too.

See you tomorrow. ♥
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• I am done with school for now! My last day (an exam and submission of my final manuscript) involved my waking up v. sick and commuting v. sick, so after dropping off the calling card I designed for my mother at the printshop, I had a nice lunch and got a haircut. Sparkly!

• I'm now an art teacher for the summer, and I'm really enjoying my job so far. :') I even like during the clerical and admin work. I love their advocacy and I would love to see this workshop thrive. (Also, the kids are adorable and talented and I want to scoop them all up and cuddle them lots.)

• At the very latest, I will launch my next Icon Day on April 15th. :) Please watch out for it!

• I've kind of fallen off the habit of my daily exercise and doodle routine this week or two (how often do I not feel well? the answer is often), but I'm determined to catch up and not give up.

• My boyfriend and I's third year anniversary is coming up on the 18th. I cannot wait to celebrate it~ ♥
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• I've scanned and uploaded my backlog for Doodle a Day! :D I actually missed a day due to passing out from exhaustion, but I'm not stopping now ('cause I'm having a good time!)

• I apologize for the very slow progress on Icon Day. I tried to work on it while listening to "Learn Spanish" audio lectures (because I need to take a language test eventually for my MA requirements), and, well... I ended up inking criminally slowly because I was distracted! Audio doesn't seem to detract from me if it doesn't ask me to repeat a word though :P

I think it was okay for when I was just practicing sketching hands from reference (will have to do that again to double check) so maybe I'm just not using it during the right task. Ideally I'd just sit still and listen all day, since I do work well as a single-task person, but if I could doodle while on the phone like my friends can, that'd make me pretty darn happy to multitask. :o

Updates in the realm of school, health, and HEART! (GO PLANET!) )
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Here’s the show on GMANewsTV I was talking about, for those of you who missed it! :D Starring Aiken’s childhood friend Carl as Super Peel (what a name), and myself and Aiken as artists making light crafts… WITH FRUIT PEELS!

Shot entirely in Aiken’s house, hee. You can even spot some of his art hanging on the walls if you keep a close eye out…!

I am nameless and mysterious silent one, identifiable only by my pink shirt. :P
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Superman approves!

Hi everyone! Aiken and I opened an Etsy store to sell some of our PaperCanvas Hand-Painted notebooks, as well as our products for FanDomination while we test the waters. Click below~!

MelAiken Studios @ Etsy!

We're planning to add more cool artsy stuff as we go along, so please follow us and spread the word! <3 It'd help us a heck of a lot!
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Please enable Closed Captions for the English translation because we're speaking in Filipino in this one as an attempt at a more casual tone as opposed to super strict formal video time. Let us know what you think. :D
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I hope we can do this again. It's actually quite relaxing...!

I'm still really new to doing commentary while playing so I'm all ears for any advice. :3
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Happy 2nd anniversary, Aiken! ♥ I love you with all my heart! Let's work together for even more awesome years to come! \o/

AND AS OF TODAY, I've finally seen all three six Star Wars movies! And we spent the day watching Adventure Time! /o/


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