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Me. :)) Eesh, I'm so bad at replying ASAP to things, so if you see a couple of short messages in your inbox, that might be me responding with micro-squees, hahaha.

In terms of what's been up:


• I finally invested in a WACOM Cintiq 13 HD! I am still doing my best not to freak out over "OMG HOW DARE SPEND LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY ON EQUIPMENT THAT WILL MAKE THINGS EASIER!!!" but so far using it has been a dream. It's also not too cramped as I feared it would be like my Yiynova DP10U! I might sell the latter, still thinking about whether to sell my old Intuos4 tablet, too. I could probably do international shipping too, but I'd have to look into shipping fees. :o

Couldn't have afforded it (or had the healthy brainz to convince myself to get it w/o irrational financial guilt) without everybody's support, either! So, again, thank you so so so so so SO much for helping me get to this point. ♥

• I've set a healthier freelancing balance to work on MWFs for 8 hours a day, so I can set aside TTH for thesis times. I hope this works out better than my 'original' schedule of MWF for school and TTH for freelance. :o I'm currently on my self-appointed lunch and funtimez break before doing my last four hours for freelance, and I think I've been really productive today so far. :D

On the plus side, I've been behaved and haven't claimed much new regular work, huzzah. As tempting as it really, really is for workaholics like me. I have... two regular clients, and I take on one extra short-term project if I feel like I'm up to it (usually art), and that's it. Let's see if I can keep this up. :o

• what is thesis. what is MA. Kidding aside, I hope to really REALLY pick up the pace on my research and annotated bibliography tomorrow. Merp. I really dropped the ball on this having worked more on freelancing and making sure I have enough to pay the bills each month. D: (Financial guilt, stop being on overdrive.)

• I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII on and off. We recently bought Beyond: Two Souls, too, and Aiken bought a PS3 port of Persona 4. I'm trying to be just as behaved with regards to buying too many games without finishing them, ahahaha.

• We finished Erased (Bokudake) a few weeks back, and my partner's getting me started on Sword Art Online, which he only started this week, too. It's.... interesting, I suppose, but I'm really frustrated by all the unnecessary fanservice, and too much stuff doesn't make logical sense, but, eh. Makes me want to rewatch .hack//SIGN and see if it's still as good as I remember it from my teen years, hahaha.

• I also watched a few episodes of the PPG reboot with my boyfriend and oh boy maybe it's a generation thing but I found it so, so bland. :( I've been meaning to write an analysis comparing the original to the reboot, and what I think are the pros and cons of both. I admit it may be nostalgia talking but I feel like the original had a lot more to bring to the table. Can't be certain unless I do a full rewatch of the whole seasons from both versions, hahaha.

• Help, I can't stop squishing my adorable pink seal plushie. I have given it several nicknames including "Strawberrybb" and "Tempura." It's so destressing just to look at it, I almost wish it were an actual living pet, ahahaha. I've missed letting little things that seem like luxuries, such as plushies, bring a little more fun and light into my life, hahaha.
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Hi everybody! I'm super excited to share my first foray into game criticism with you. Originally titled "Is It More Fun in Port Malaya?", this essay started as a final exercise for my Art Criticism class last year. Now, I'm honored to be part of the game history zine "Memory Insufficient," edited by Zoya Street and co-edited Krish Raghav.

In this essay, I talk about problematic aspects of the Philippine-inspired RO Map and why it's important to take them into account. We'll be examining the use of Philippine mythological creatures, religion, race, visual motifs, and even pop culture references like the Jejemon.

 photo memoryinsufficientcover_zps4ca84eee.jpg

Get your free digital copy of Memory Insufficent now!

If you liked this essay, please share it with your friends, and let me know what you think.

If you'd like to support me so I can make more essays like this, please consider leaving me a tip via PayPal tip jar, or becoming a monthly patron via Patreon.

You can also leave me a tip Gumroad.

Thank you so much ♥
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I recently donated to the Humble Indie Bundle 7 (mostly for "Indie Game: The Movie", but hey, a bunch of new games for 'pay what you want' is not a bad deal!) and recently they added "Cave Story+" to the games you get :o

And despite the game being introduced to me by someone I would now like to castrate thank you very much, I really loved that game and helped me deal with everything that was going on way back in high school. I decided to download this new version.

... if I were drinking a drink I would have spit out my tea at the new, higher-resolution graphics and different music that greeted me at the title screen. Not sure how I feel about it. On one hand it's ULTRA COOL to see it remade, on the other hand, I think my Nostalgia Goggles are on, in the same way that.. I suppose.. my mom looks back on my baby photos?

I wonder if that's a bad comparison, but it feels like seeing a young child you've known while s/he grew up, and now they've gotten so far in life. So successful, so well-loved by nearly everyone.

Funny thing is I don't think I felt this when the Klonoa Wii remake was announced (which I... still don't own /sob, but some people said it's not as good as the original?). Maybe because I knew that Cave Story was done by only 1 person (music, programming, art, and all) compared to a whole company. But would I feel this way with the high definition Monkey Island PC remakes*, too?

I mean, remakes are awesome, in that it's a fresh way to relive a game you dearly love, but they've always been a tricky thing to do because sometimes, even with all the highly polished new artwork and revved up musical tracks... sometimes, the charm is in the slight imperfections of the original: the quirky blocky look of simple pixel art, the distortion in 8-bit music, and even the slightest difference in wording between the fan translation and the official.

Or maybe that's just sentimentality...?

* (which I have been DYING to get, but emergency funds come first. Since they're downloadable, at least I don't have to worry that they'll run out of stock anytime soon...?)
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Please enable Closed Captions for the English translation because we're speaking in Filipino in this one as an attempt at a more casual tone as opposed to super strict formal video time. Let us know what you think. :D
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I hope we can do this again. It's actually quite relaxing...!

I'm still really new to doing commentary while playing so I'm all ears for any advice. :3


I'm Mel, a Filipina artist and writer. I'm an MA Creative Writing student working on her own projects at the same time. Nice to meet you!